Selling Tips

Selling Advice

  1. First Impressions Count
    Make sure the house and the garden are well presented.  De-cluttering is essential. Potential buyers want to envisage their own furniture and how it will look in your property.  This is much easier if they are not distracted by your belongings. Remove your pets and their belongings during the inspections.  If you smoke do this outside for a few weeks before and during your sales campaign.  Our Sales Consultants can provide you with many more tips on presentation and marketing. We also have stylists and tradespeople that we can recommend to you.
  2. Photos
    We insist that photos are taken by a professional photographer.  You need your property to stand out from the crowd.  Dark, cluttered unprofessional photos do not show a property in its best light and do not attract premium buyers.  They attract bargain hunters.  We can offer you a few options depending on your budget.
  3. Marketing
    Marketing is essential; it should be tailored to your budget but more importantly to the value that you want buyers to place on your property.  Carefully decide on the type of marketing you choose as it will reflect on price perceptions and your motivation to sell to potential buyers.  Our Sales Consultants have the expertise and flexibility to design a marketing campaign that suits your property and you.
  4. Pricing
    Accurate pricing is essential.  It is too late to have the pricing talk in the middle of your campaign.  For buyer perception, it is much better in a campaign to put the price up than to have to wind it back.
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  6. Do your Own Research
    Before interviewing agents to sell your home make sure you have done your ‘due diligence’ by knowing the market in your area at the time you want to sell. Information from 12 months ago is not current; you need to look at comparable sales from the previous 3 to 6 months and what is currently for sale.  Attend other opens and auctions of properties similar to yours, the outcome will give you an idea of where your property sits in the market.
  7. Be Realistic
    No one can get it right 100% of the time, listen to what the market is telling you.  If necessary, adjust your price and marketing in a timely manner.  Holding out may mean you are still the owner at the end of the campaign.  This just makes it more difficult to sell the second time around as astute buyers will know the history of your property.
  8. The Agent
    Our Sales Consultants will give you the right advice.  We have better systems and access to more information than simply telling vendors what they want to hear.  Our pricing is accurate, our marketing is flawless and our strategies work.  Our Sales Consultants will work harder than any other agents to ensure that they achieve the absolute best possible result for you.  They are professional, well-trained negotiators who understand that you are the customer.  Our results speak for themselves.