Tenant Selection

What if... We are concerned about the wrong type of tenants.

Prospective tenants are qualified as suitable by checking current employment and rental history and personal references. Their ability to afford the rent is also assessed and each applicant over the age of 18 years is required to complete a comprehensive application form and submit 100 points of supporting documentation with the application. It is important to ascertain that the prospective tenant is who they say they are. This is easily verified by sighting photo identification. ( drivers licence, 18+ card or passport)

In the case of a person who has recently sold their property, we talk to the salesperson involved who can often give us an idea of the applicant’s lifestyle. There are ways of checking bona fide of private landlords.


The process we follow is thorough and our experience in spotting inconsistencies in an application enables us to dig deeper then the surface if necessary to qualify the applicant. We are also currently on line with the TICA (The tenants default databases specialising in tenant default records. If a tenant has left a property with a debt that has been proven through the Tribunal their details can be listed on this data base. Although not every defaulting tenant is listed on a database, it is growing on a daily basis and is an added tool for processing a tenant Application).

We Care For Our Tenants

What if… we don't value our tenants

Our philosophy is that tenants are our business! Without tenants you don't receive rent and we don't receive commission. Today there is more competition to attract quality tenants, they are more sophisticated and have grown accustomed to better things, to a better standard of housing and living condition. They have more money to spend.

For this reason it is more important then ever to value, respect and care for our tenants needs. We don't treat tenants as outsiders; as they are a part of our business. We understand that we are dependant on them they are not dependant on us. They deserve our immediate attention with requests and deserve to be greeted with a friendly courteous smile at all times.