Rents & Legals

Rental Increases


What if… we want to increase the rent

As part of our service to our investors we realise the importance of rental returns and we are constantly monitoring the current market rent on your behalf. A minimum of one rent review is carried out per year and one is automatically carried out when a tenant vacates or their agreement comes up for renewal. If at any stage you would like to discuss your tenants rent or the current market trends don’t hesitate to contact us.

Legal Proceedings

What if… a tenant does not cooperate with our instructions

Our first action would be self-resolution. We negotiate with the party on your behalf to try and come to an amicable solution. On the rare occasion where we are unable to resolve the dispute, it would be necessary to instigate legal proceedings against a tenant in the Consumer Trader & Tenancy

Tribunal. We can act on your behalf at the Consumer Trader & Tenancy Tribunal for a fee. You can be assured that we are aware of the legal requirements necessary in reducing any problems.