Accounts & Statements



What if ... we don't have time to pay accounts relating to the property

Becasue many of our investors require a totally "worry free package", we can pay all accounts that relate to your investment property - council rates, body corporate fees and any others that may arise.

Special Note: Should you require our office to pay these accounts you may be required to contact the organisation to "authorise" the accounts to be sent to our office.


When do you pay our money to us?

Our office utilises the latest in computer software so that we can offer you a greater number of options and speedier service in accounting monies to you.

We can work with you to ensure that you get your money quicker each month by electronically depositing into your nominated bank account at the end of each month. These funds are cleared automatically. You can choose an end of month, or mid and end of month transfer at no extra cost.

You will promptly receive a fully computerised statement of your account at the beginning of each month. It is important that you carefully read this statement each month to ensure that all of the information is correct.

We will also submit to you a fully computerised statement at the end of each financial year summarising all income and expenditure relating to the property. This is a huge money saver for you when it comes time for your accountant to prepare your annual return.