Jackie Puffitt

General Manager

As an accomplished professional, possessing a diverse ‘tool kit’ of operations experience and general management knowledge, Jackie has a genuine interest in and commitment to the delivery of business excellence underpinned by exceptionally strong organisational proficiencies.  She is focused on forward thinking initiatives and resolution based project management attributes to deliver first class service, support, solutions with a keen emphasis on anticipating and determining people’s requirements to achieve distinctive results and profitable outcomes. 


Jackie’s experience spans more than 25 years and is founded upon working collaboratively with a diverse set of entrepreneurs and thought leaders throughout a cross-section of industry disciplines.  These include: government, corporate and SME’s in property, funds management and financial service mediums, strategic planning and specialist business advisory consulting firms, as well as the spheres of hospitality and aviation. 


In the pivotal role of General Manager, Jackie’s charter includes responsibility for the pragmatic general management and daily business administration that perpetually strives to achieve and promote excellence.  Her forte is to ‘make things happen’ by optimising value added, effective and efficient operational standards, with a focus on delivering extremely compelling client centric services which will forge rapid growth and continue to distinguish our revolutionary real estate company from its competitors.