Company Profile

At Peter Taranto Real Estate, established since 1985,  we ensure that we deliver the very best service and maximum result, that is why our organisation has been shaped to perform at its optimum level from every department. We strive to ensure that your property experience is a smooth and successful one.

Our high ethical standard and performance levels speak for themselves. Our reputation has been built on a foundation of ethics, communication and customer care.

The staff at Peter Taranto are well trained to meet your needs. We value our clients and business partners and understand that they require care and consideration.

Our focus is to maintain and strengthen our working relationships for the future.

Our optimistic and enthusiastic approach means we will achieve the best result for our clients. In order to maintain our level of excellence, we continually review and update our existing systems.

The most important priority on our agenda is to maintain our high levels of:

  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Ongoing development and change
  • Achieving the best possible result for both buyers and sellers

As we progress forward we will continue to value and appreciate the strong relationships that we have developed.